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Rindu Pantai Restaurant

Seafoods Restaurants can be found along the Tanjung Tinggi Beach. There are approximately 20 café houses one of the more popular is the Rumah Makan Rindu Pantai which is located behind the Big beautiful stones that the Island is famous for. The location got its popularity through an award winning local movie which has also gone international called Laskar Pelangi or the Rainbow Rangers. Tanjung Tinggi beach is the shooting location for the movie featuring its breath taking scenery.

Visitors of the beach comes from all over internationally and domestically. At the local café house guests can pick up the freshest seafood to be served.

Rindu Pantai Restaurant
Pantai Tanjung Tinggi, Kecamatan Sijuk, Tanjung Pandan
Opens daily: 10 am – 9 pm

Source: Enjoying Bangka Belitung