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Pemkab Belitung Museum

This museum is located about 500 mtres from Tanjung Pendam beach.Before it was converted into a museum it was the former official residence of the Dutch High officers (hoofdambtenaar) who was on duty in Belitung Island.

The museum was built in 1963 by Geological expert from Belgium Dr Osberger who was on duty in the tin mining unit Belitung at that time. This museum stores varieties of different unique types of rocks from the tin mining explorations.

Now the museum stores objects of cultural heritage from the kings who once ruled Belitung Island and also collections  from the treasure discoveries of the Chinese ship that sank in Belitung Island .

Museum Pemkab Belitung
Jl. Melati No.41A, Tanjung Pandan
Telp: 0719-22960, 24176
Fax: 0719-22960
opens daily  8am-4pm